“What is wonderful about great literature is that it transforms the man who reads it towards the condition of the man who wrote it"

 - E.M. Forester

The concept of Deep Readers Club came from a few readers with a deep passion for literature, especially for stories that transcend a single story or plot, and tap into a universal, unconscious feeling present in society.

The Deep Readers Club offers a deep reading experience by curating each box around an emotional theme. Each month a new feeling will be examined.

 The book box comes with a carefully hand picked novel that explores the emotion of that month, and 3-5 bookish goods to create the perfect ambiance. Whether it’s a scented candle’s aroma that reminds you of your childhood, or a notebook to hold your thoughts to spill on the page after a harrowing read. The Deep Readers Club offers readers to experience literature in a completely new way. All in one box.

Want to get to know us more?

We host a monthly podcast where we discuss our featured novels. Come join us at the Deep Readers Podcast - your on the go bookclub!