Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in a Deep Readers Club Box?

Our monthly book boxes are carefully curated with books and bookish goods. An average Deep Readers box will come with one critically acclaimed literary fiction novel and 3-5 products that perfectly suit a well-read bookworm. Place your order here.

Our past boxes have used items such as notebooks, mugs, bookmarks, candles, tea and so much more! Each and every product is high quality, and functional goods for any book lover! 

Do you ship internationally?

We are hard at work finding affordable shipping to countries outside of the United States. 

Currently, we offer international shipping worldwide! 

Pricing will drop as international orders come in. Continue to check back on our website, or follow us on Instagram to get updated information. 

I run a social media platform and would like to feature your product on my page, will you partner with me?

We are so grateful to the online book community which has kept literature alive in a digital world. We love working with bookstagrammers, booktubers, and book reviewers. Please fill out our contact sheet with all necessary information. 

We do offer discounted prices for up and coming bookish profiles through our Content Creator Program. If you would like to know more details, send us a message with the subject "Content Creator", and a brief description of yourself!

I'm a small business that has products that would work perfectly with your box, can we work together?

We are always eager to meet new vendors for our boxes. Please send us your information and we'll reach out to begin collaborating.

Thank you so much for your interest in Deep Readers Club!

Will I be automatically renewed?

You will only be automatically renewed if you make an account and save your payment information. If you do not save your payment information, we will reach out a week before the 1st and let you know you are subject to losing your subscription. 

What if I have the featured book already?

Aw, that always bums us out. Sadly, it is a necessary evil with subscription book boxes. But we have a solution!

Our book selection process is very rigorous for our book box. We thoroughly read and analyze new and recent literary fiction and determine which book matches the theme, holds literary merit, and features strong plot and strong characters. It's our way to guarantee you get a great read delivered to your door every single month. If you've already purchased or received our featured book, please shoot us an email a week before your box ships and let us know!

We proudly offer our second and third runner up selections upon request! Selections must be made by the 10th.

How do I skip a month?

Send an email to before the 15th and we'll let you skip the current month's box.

Please keep in mind, we can't take back boxes that have already been shipped.

I just want to order one box, can I do that?

Of course! When checking out, select "This is a gift" when prompted. You will only be charged for this month's box!

When do the boxes ship each month?

Our boxes ship between the 17th - 24th of every month. We post shipping updates on our Instagram.

The price seems higher for the 3 month, why is that?

The total price seen on our website includes shipping charges for each month. 

Here is a breakdown of our prices:

35.25 per month

34.25 per box (3 month plan)

International shipping may incur extra monthly charges


If I purchase a past box, will I be automatically renewed?

No, you will not be automatically renewed for purchasing one of our past boxes. You must purchase a payment plan to receive any current or future boxes!